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An effective web site must convey your message, be quick to load, attractive to view and easy to navigate. And most of all, it must help you reach your goals.
Visitors must have an enjoyable viewing experience. Many of your visitors have only moderate internet connection speeds. Will they wait for an overdone site to load up? Probably not.
That's why we design web sites that load fast and look great in all browsers. And when your web site looks good, you look good.


Custom Web Site Design

Your message, Your personality

Your web site will be custom designed exactly the way you want it—from a one-page "web presence" site to a multi-page interlinked site.

You don't even need a computer or internet connection for your organization to be advertised on the World Wide Web! DoubleDecker2000 will handle all the details for you.

Our basic design fee includes the background theme, navigation structure and your content. Once your web site is designed, you own it free and clear. All of our webs belong to our clients—no hidden clauses, no strings attached.
Web Site
If you would like us to continue to update your site when needed, we'll be happy to do that. You pay only for the actual time spent on your site—there are no minimum fees.
Refresh Your Existing Site Perhaps you already have a web site, but it's a little out of date. We can update your existing site with as few or as many changes as you would like.

Nothing tells your story like your own photos. We can add them to your web site from your digital images or by scanning your hardcopy photographs.

We also retain a supply of more than 500,000 graphic images—including thousand of animated graphics—to dress up your site.

Video Clips
Music, sound effects and video clips can be added to your site in a variety of formats.
If a shopping cart with secure online payment is appropriate for your business, we can design it for your specific needs.

Your site can include an unlimited number of email links for visitors to send email messages to you directly from your web site.

Domain name registrars and web hosts offer email accounts for everyone in your organization that include your domain name.
For example: yourname@yourcompany.com

The types of accounts and procedures for establishing them vary. We will help you select the type that's best for you and help you with the setup.

Your site can also include an unlimited number of hyperlinks to other sites you would like you viewers to visit.
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Designing your web site includes the initial posting to the web server of your choice.

Although DoubleDecker.com does not own its own web hosting equipment (that's a business all its own), we do lease web space from reputable hosts and sub-lease it to our clients at affordable prices. When your web is hosted through us, we handle any technical support issues free of charge.

Web Statistics
All of our hosting accounts include 24/7 online access to information about your web visitors. You can see the number of visitors by the hour, day, week and month. You can see which pages of your site are visited most and other valuable information for targeting your audience. This service is included free of charge.

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Samples of our sites may be viewed on the Links page.

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